Monday, November 15, 2010

Clearing beliefs can pay off.

I am reading Joe Vitale's Attractor Factor' for the third time. When I read it for the first time almost three years ago, I didn't realize that it is a pure gold ine. I am quoting several sentences here from that book.

We all have beliefs and we lead our life according to our beliefs. "A belief is assuming something to be true, to be a fact. A belief is not caused, it is created by choice".

Please read it again slowly. Let that sink to you.

For example, in spite of warnings from others, you indulged in investing on a particular share. Contrary to your expectation, it misfired. You then stored a belief in you that you must heed by what others tell you. You did not realize that you are only hearing their experience. Unconsciously, you picked up their fear and went about your task though with not enough conviction.

So, the next time, when you get a nudge from inside that you can buy a share, you ignore it based on your belief. But this time it can be a totally different experience!

I will move on. Think of something that you want to have, do or be. Why don't you have it yet?
Just explore your beliefs and you will hit a bulls eye. That will clear you and you are on your sure path of getting what you want.

It is my sincere recommendation that you buy "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale. Just follow the very simple 5 steps to attract anything you want.
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