Saturday, November 27, 2010

11 imporatant things you miss when you say "No Time"

We all keep saying, “No time”. When we say the cliché, instead of feeling sorry for not being able to do something, we feel proud implying we are as busy as President of America, the seat of world power.

Shall we examine what we are really missing when we say “No time” several times a day?

To put it in a thought provoking and inspiring way, I have translated a blog post in Tamil that I read sometime back.

Allocate time to:

  • Enjoy the good things in life. It is your secret weapon for success.
  • Think- that is the root cause for efficiency.
  • Play- to stay young.
  • Read- to lay foundation for your knowledge.
  • Be friendly- to be happy.
  • Dream- to connect with your source.
  • Laugh- to prolong your life.
  • Love- that brings you the ultimate joy in life.
  • Work-to for a rewarding career.
  • Meditate-to meet your creator
  • Pray-a true investment for peaceful life.
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