Monday, November 01, 2010

How many seeds you have planted thus far?

As expected, the situation demanded a moderator that was easily filled by my friend who happened to be the organizer of the meeting of members of his charitable trust called "Nandhavanam".

Let me push the slightly uncomfortable debate and narrate another interesting thing. One member sounded genuinely disappointed in not seeing the results of his recent good deeds in a school where he coached the teachers in various new educational techniques.

He told the gathering that all his efforts to teach the children new English grammer also thwarted by the conservative school authorities.

At that point I got up and spoke to him that he should not always judge his success by the harvest he reaps. He has planted the valuable seeds and he should give time for them to germinate.

Any good deed done should be viewed as a planting of seed without expecting to see the fruits. And every seed that is planted will germinate if not dug again to see whether it has started germinating inside the soil.

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