Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easlily open your chakras.

Presuming that you already know about the 7 chakras in your body, I am sharing my little knowledge about the different ways to open the closed chakras.

Generally, the 7 chakras in our body are in closed state though a few are born with all the chakras in open state. Such persons are born siddars.

After you have identified which of your 7 chakras need to be opened so that particular chakra gives you it full benefit, follow one or all of the methods to open it.

* Meditate on the chakra you want it to open up by visualizing its corresponding color and imagine that chakra to be fully immersed in that color.

* The next method is a little different. You must have probably heard about ‘mudra’, a sort of sign created with your fingers and showing your hand in a particular direction. Each chakra is denoted by a specific mudra.

* Seek the help of a reiki master and he will perform in a ceremonial manner will open up the chakras and while doing so, he will chant some Sanskrit mantras.

Chakra opening and chakra balancing is the most effective alternative healing method. This is painless, side effects free spiritual energy healing that we got from sages and hermits.

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