Thursday, November 04, 2010

Gold lived yesterday.

The fathers of yesteryear's were much wiser than fathers in 2010 including my husband. I have learnt so many things from my father whereas I don’t think my son looks upon his father for anything that he needs to learn though he promptly asks his father for money.

My father told me to keep saving in gold in small quantities and then convert them into gold coin of a reasonable weight. Since my marriage 25 years ago, I am able to deposit gold coins weighing 73 grams in safety locker. (Don’t ask me where).

My husband had never once told his son anything about saving. The only advice (?) that he keeps passing on to his son is, “Enjoy today, tomorrow never comes”.

Though there is a very basic life philosophy in what he says (we live only today, never in tomorrow), it is not a pragmatic philosophy-right?

Gold lived yesterday, lives today and will see tomorrow definitely!

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