Friday, November 05, 2010

For whom the law of attraction won’t work.

Law of attraction-the basic premise on which the entire universe functions without any divine intervention, works unfailingly for every one of us with exceptions of course.

What are the exceptions?

In other words, who are excluded? For whom, the law of attraction won’t work?

We attract things that we want by our own thoughts and deeds. However, we also happen to attract what exactly we don’t want by our own thoughts and actions.

4 reasons the law of attraction works the other way.

1. You don’t really understand how it works. I imply again that you also attract what you don’t want by thinking catastrophic and negative thoughts. If you keep thinking on negative outcome habitually, then, that is what you will experience in your life.

2. If you don’t take inspired action, then, you are refusing to accept what you have attracted. Your focused thoughts on your desire will reach you on another plane-a non-physical plane. To manifest it on a physical form, you need to take the required action.

3. Your beliefs are standing in your way. You may want to attract a beautiful partner but if you hold a belief that your appearance won’t attract a good-looking partner, then, how can you expect it to happen?

3. Fear-mankind’s ultimate enemy is another big reason for the law of attraction is not working. Every one of us desires something better in our life. However, we all are mostly afraid to accept it to ourselves honestly because of fear of disappointment by not getting it.

4. Envy is a dangerous emotion that won’t go hand in hand with the law of attraction. If you are envious of other for having wealth and health that you don’t possess, then, your thoughts won’t attract what you want.

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