Thursday, October 07, 2010

Can you smell a sound?

Stop treating people as stupid when they say:
* They can smell sound
* They can see number as colors.

There is a true science that explains this odd behavior of human brain. Human brain still continues to be an enigma for the scientists. There are still thousands of undiscovered and unexplained brian befavioral phenomena. God has chosen not to reveal all of them as if challenging mankind to match His intelligence.

Have you ever heard of the word Synaesthesia?
Due to the cross connections of nerves in man's brain, the senses mingle.

Let me explain it more precisely.
When a person hears a sound, he will tell you a band of different colors that he sees and if it so, then he has Synaesthesia.

What causes Synaesthesia?
You won't believe it. Persons with Synaesthesia have more brain cells than normal human beings.

Why I have raised this topic?
Don't ever criticize any human behavior-it is just not in their hand. It is not by choice that a person chose to differe from you physically or mentally.

It is nature at its best work so that it is proving this ageless concept which is 'the world is not meant to be alike'. It is the variation that makes the world a livable planet.

ps: There is no connection between Synaesthesia and woodpecker. I placed its image here just because I like woodpeckers.
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