Friday, September 10, 2010

Untouchable abundance.

My husband surprised me when he said I am now ready to impart training on bullion watching to aspiring commodity traders.

Yes, he first wants me to teach bullion watching and then bullion trading! Quite methodical-eh?

I buy and sell gold and copper online for making money but frankly speaking, I like having physical gold, especially gold bars and South African Krugerrands. When you hold them on your fist, the feeling of financial abundance it gives cannot be taken lightly. It is the wealthy feeling that actually brings more wealth.

Another big advantage of buying physical gold is the anonymity factor. I feel there is more gold among U.S. citizens than the official gold reserves figure. This applies to Indians too. The fact that gold possession cannot be traced lures more gold buyers.

I read an interesting observation online regarding the advantage buying gold coins and taking delivery of your purchases instead of buying virtual gold where your purchases are recorded on a paper and you get a certificate. The gold bars and gold coins you keep in your vault are all yours and none can claim it as theirs!

Literally untouchable-right?

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Murali Krishnan said...

Advantage of buying gold is that its intrinsic worth is always retained. It is not like a piece of paper like a share certificate or a bond paper or a certificate of deposit. Whenever there is economic uncertainty, chance of wars, etc., people take refuge in gold. Gold is a good hedge against inflation also.