Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was in 1974 when I first came to know about the use of hologram in movies, especially horror movies.

Based on the holographic technology, a famous Tamil story writer named Sujatha penned a lovely suspense story in which he projected ghostly 3D figures to scare certain individuals.He argued that the very nature of this universe is holographic.

A holographic picture or object when broken into several pieces will show the full picture in all the broken pieces.

At that time, the hologram technology itself was looked at awe. Now, it is used in various applications that include hologram stickers for security purposes.

Hologram stickers:
These security hologram stickers embedded with numbers for identification purpose are not easily tampered and forged.You can find hologram security stickers in legal documents, business cards and ID cards.

Hologram printers:
With more usage and increase in demand, hologram printers were developed in which a special thermal ribbon is used to print out hologram labels and hologram seals.

Hologram applications:
The United States Federal department is a major user of hologram security stickers. Even small businesses like pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistic companies use hologram labels and seals.

In India, banks are urged to use hologram seals in their documents, share certificates and currency bundles.

Hologram study can be quite engrossing.

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