Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to experience new pleasures in life?

How to experience new pleasures in life?

Simply by wanting new pleasures!

Not a single human being will be disinterested in experiencing new things in life like a visit to new and beautiful place, a meeting with a man/woman that would bring fresh meanings to life, a new kind of food or drink and what not.

Let your imaginations loose and list out what could make you happy if you are offered something that is very different from your present living style.

Now, how do you get all that are in your list of desires?
We are all often offered new pleasures but we reject them at the initial stages itself without realizing we are at the staring point of the road to new pleasures.

It happens like this:
* Suddenly we receive a telephone call from a stranger-we cut him off as wrong number.
* We witness an accident on road or rail. Our presence is needed there to help victims-we escape in fear.
* Our car breaks down while traveling long distance. We may have to spend the night on road-we somehow hitchhike to safety.

There are myriad instances when we are subjected to something new-all of them are first steps to lead us to new experiences but we reject all of them.

We simply don't allow us from being different but still dream for different life experiences. We just don't allow the possibilities of new pleasures to enter our life.

Do you get it all?

So, what should you do?

Say this to yourself: “Let me be different today” and accept all the different moments, strange meetings, new food on that day.

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