Monday, September 06, 2010

6 basic rules for manifestation.

If you hear someone saying that manifesting your desires is easy, I would urge you to take his word. He just spoke his experience. None can tell a lie on this subject.

He probably may not guide the world population on how to manifest their desires but surely, his true experience can be useful to several thousands of people who vibrate in his frequency.

Based on such numerous experiences of myriad people including me, I have tried my best to share with you the basic rules for manifestation.

Anyone can achieve or realize their goals, wishes and longings by following these very simple rules. I know it will work without exceptions. After all, these are the basic laws of universe.

* Brood for long to know exactly what you want in the long term. Repeat the exercise (if you call it that) the next day and write in just one sentence the one and only thing that matters to you at all times.

* Keep what you wrote on a piece of paper and carry it always with you even while you sleep. I do not know how you will do but you will have to.

* Read it at least 12 times a day at all the important moments that include even at your work place where your concentration is required.

* Do not talk about it to anyone even with your spouse.

* Do not change it or deviate it from the core of it. You can keep adding more vivid details to it but do not deviate.

* Behave to your true self, as per the nature of your soul, which is love and forgiveness. People will call you a fool when you try to live like that; so be it bit continue to live as per the inner voice or conscience.

The Universe will see to it that what you wrote on the paper will become a reality in its own time but not as per your agenda.

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Ron Schreiner said...

Those are some good suggestions as tools for people to use to help them focus their intent. There's many tools and systems one can use to assist them; but there is only way way to manifest.


surjit said...

Quite informative and useful post. Thanks for sharing.
God bless.