Friday, July 30, 2010

The simplest way to let cosmic forces to give you what you want.

You to go a shopping mall to buy a bunch of tooth brush for your family members. When you reach the shelf, a new tooth paste stares at you. It comes with a free offer of a hand kerchief. You are tempted. You go ahead and buy.

You comeback to your home and your children dip their hands in the shopping bag hoping to see their new tooth brush. Alas! What they find is only a tooth paste and there is no tooth brush to use the tooth paste!

How did this happen? You simply changed your intention!

This is the main reason for all of us for not being to manifest our desires. If we keep changing or intentions and desires, the cosmic forces are also confused. They end up giving you the last focused desire invariably.

Focus on one most immediate desire and move on to your next only after you have got it. This is a simple process and nature works only in this way. This is the law of universe among so many laws of nature.
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stephan said...

Hey Malathy,

Great blog! You have some nice posts too.

Cosmic forces can never become confused as you say. If human thoughts caused cosmic confusion, the universe would have exploded by now!

True, intentions play a great role. I actually wrote about this in an article called "Law of Attraction and Intention," on

But we need not focus on only one thing at a time. If you did then you would only raise kids, am=nd not teach Math.

As humans we are multi-faceted, and can focus on several goals even in a single day.

I do agree with you that we can't focus on all goals simultaneously, and that we have to focus each goal separately.

And this is where meditation and visualization comes in. But important too, is proper planning, and relentless action towards our goals.

Too many people depend on the universe to "bring" whatever they want to them.

No wonder they feel that universal laws don't work.