Monday, July 26, 2010

How to stop bad dreams.

Mankind's most unsolved mystery is the dreams. The problem with dreaming is the occurrence of bad dreams.

Science has many theories on the cause of dreams. Dreams vary according to the age of the dreamer. But bad dreams come to all irrespective of age, social status, financial freedom etc.

We all like to dream about our secret as well as open desires. But they come mingled with unwelcome dreams.

The most common bad dreams:
* Car going out of control
• Being chased
• Unable to run for life
* Feeling of ghostly presence
• Naked in public

Is it possible to eliminate bad dreams and fill our sleep only with pleasant dreams?

'Yes' says the resent findings. If we learn to apply self hypnosis, it is possible to do away with bad dreams.

Know the views of World renowned dream expert, Jane Teresa Anderson on bad dreams and prevention.

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