Friday, July 23, 2010

Remote viweing and extra sensory perception.

I am not yet fortunate to have known anyone who possessed the paranormal ‘remote viewing’ quality though in my husband’s family, there was one man.

He died long ago before I got married.

Remote viewing is as the name suggests is the act of seeing something or someone at a distance that normal eyes are in capable of viewing. The actual viewing is done by the mind and not the eyes.

I read somewhere that the Princeton University on remote viewing conducted some research. The findings reached even the U.S. Government and the issue was taken up for discussion in the congress in 1981.

Remote viewing ability is not intentional. It is a quality that is gifted though of late, it is believed that one can develop it by practicing it. However, who teaches remote viewing? Persons with remote viewing ability can’t teach, as they themselves don’t know the secret behind their ability.

Well, I don’t believe that extra sensory perception can be developed consciously. It is a special state of mind that is inborn.
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