Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The signs of anxiety.

I used to blindly refute allegations that I have anxiety written all over my face and even on my dress(kidding).

I firmly believed that I am a cool person and anxiety has no room in me until I read the various signs of anxiety.

Here they are-the symptoms of anxiety:
* Pounding heart
* Drying mouth
* Mild feeling of dizziness
* Anger
* Numbness in feet
* Shakiness in hands

Sure I have felt these at times bit not all of them at the same time.I never connected the to anxiety.

I am only relieved that I am not alone and there are literally millions of people who are travelling in the same boat at any given time.

For the all these myriad motions and symptoms, the basic emotion is 'FEAR'! Yes, accept it or not, you are plainly scared.

Scared of what? We are all sacred of outcome, the next minute. In fact nothing will happen if you wait for that next minute and for the next day or for ever!

Why spoil your present state of mind thinking or anticipating bad outcome? We are naturally equipped with extremely strong mentality to face any misfortunes. Have not faced them in the past but still living?

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