Monday, January 04, 2010

Don't be afraid to say or do things.

Don't be afraid to say or do things which are generally considered as taboos but of course never infringe on others' security and property.

What I mean to say is live by your heart and not by certain rules you are taught. After all, haven't we all seen how etiquette have changed over the centuries? What was considered as indecent is now accepted by the society.

And what is a society but a group of individual with varied educational levels and cultural background?

Let us all examine our personal life with a sense of self honesty. * Don't we hide our true selves from the world?
* Don't we feel a sense of shame or guilt that I would say is misplaced?
* Aren't we constantly afraid of social rejection?

What sort of pseudo identities we project?

See, only these things will lead us to depression and we allow a semblance of dissatisfaction set in permanently.

I have put my points rather mildly here. Read Steve Pavlina and he has driven his points sharply.
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