Monday, January 04, 2010

What will happen if we cling on to..?

Freedom-the most wonderful feeling for any living being but human beings alone are capable of understanding its meaning because we are the only species that get tied or imprisoned for illegal activities.

Forget about getting landed up in prison as that is applicable to all of us.

But the other way of getting tied to material, beliefs, emotions, career, home, place of living applies to one and all irrespective of getting punished for illegal activities.

Man's obsession for clinging onto everything that enters his life will never make him feel the true freedom. Things such as material and human relationship, career and beliefs should give us pleasure and meaning for life but they should not weaken us when they leave us.

We should let things go instead of clinging onto, to make way for new things to come into our life. Nothing should ever stay with us that weakens us.

Attaching oneself to everything will make us to do anything to cling on to. I am sure you understand what I am implying!

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