Tuesday, December 29, 2009

There is no point in condemning anything or anyone.

Look, there is no point in condemning anything or anyone. Mind you, the thing or the person you want to be changed so that you will like, will remain the same or a little more of the same and you will continue to nurture your dislike which will be ultimately detrimental to your peace of mind.

Let me explain my present living condition that will throw more light on what I am saying.

Since last 50 days, my house is surrounded by lot of rain water and because of this, my freedom of movement is restricted. I keep spending money to improve the situation but the water doesn't recede.

Do you know why I am facing this condition?

The house in which I was living previously also faced the same situation and I cursed everyone and everything for my owes. I moved to the present house in order to escape the bad conditions and look at where I am now!

Why this happens?
It is because of the fundamental law of universe."Whatever you focus on, expands."
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