Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to stop complaining?

There is no point in labeling anyone as a complaining type. We all without exception should be boldly labelled "Type-Complaining; Advise: Stay Away"

But the degree of complaining might vary based on the person's attitude and ability to forget. Yes, people with strong memory are vulnerable to be labelled as mentioned above.

Some of the common complaints on:
* weather
* World economy
* Unpunctual transportation
* Corrupt politics
* Disobedient children
* Bad cooking
* Poor quality groceries

To know how to stop complaining, you should know why you are complaining.

It is our resistance to 'what is' that is the prime cause of our complaining nature. We expect everything and everyone to be like us and to agree with our life values.

For example, if we don't take things easy, we want everyone around us to be the same.

If we like only classical music, we don't tolerate any other kind of music and we judge them as people with poor music taste.

We simply don't permit others to differ from us.

I think you have already found the answers to title of this blog post.
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