Monday, December 21, 2009

Steps to achieve inner peace-part 1.

Inner Peace-as the name suggests, there are no external factors to feel at peace and there is no such thing as external peace.

What we call as world turmoil, lack of peace around us is nothing but lack of peace with in us.

Let me explain.

A few moments make an hour. And hours make days. In order to have peaceful days, we need to have peaceful hours and they contain peaceful moments.

Life is nothing but string of moments.

Similarly, if you are at peace, you radiate peace around you and that makes a few more people at peace. This can develop a group of peaceful persons and several such groups form a peaceful community and so on.

Doesn't it make sense?

Now, let us examine briefly the steps to attain inner peace.
* Introspection
Whenever you notice a restlessness in you, ask yourself what is bothering you. I a 100% sure you find nothing of significance and you will wonder did you put up with thus far.
*Slow down
I read this somewhere: "In order to access high speed frequency, you have to slow down". Very aptly said I would say. By slow down I mean, don't try to rush up things. Let them take their own sweet time to evolve fully and bring fruits.

In fact, when you realize you are walking faster, eating at a pace that is not healthy, it means you are literally fighting to keep the inner peace away.
Just pause to stop thinking or doing anything for only 5 minutes. Think about what are all things you used to appreciate and look for the same around you now. You will be surprised to more number of things than the past, to appreciate.
*Stop criticizing yourself
Over analyzing your actions, thoughts and possessions will lead you to criticize yourself and end up at an inner turmoil. How else can you attain inner peace?
In fact, if you spend that valuable time in comparing your life with many others, you will be amazed to realize that you are really doing very well.
*Be lazy
Lazing around for a minimum of 15 minutes a day can do wonders to your spirit. Just be inert to your thoughts, commitments and external sound.

I will discuss more steps in the next part of this blog post.
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