Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a thought away from being wealthy.

So, after reading articles on law of attraction of money, you have started thinking about wealth but still don’t get out of the hand-to-mouth rut-right?

What have you done wrong? Why the financial situation doesn’t improve at all?
I can reason out but correct me if I am wrong.
1. You try to push things to make it happen as per schedule
2. You are thinking about prosperity but at the same time you are focusing on why it has not come.
3. You sincerely don’t believe that money can be attracted
4. You have not acted on new opportunities because you were afraid

As Laurie Brenner said, “it takes the combination of three things to bring wealth in your life: thought, feeling, and action.” But you only thought and neglected on the other two components.Think back and you will realize what I am saying.

Another beautiful point of my friend Laurie is “wealth is a relative thing and you need to find a way to feel wealthy, right now in order by comparing with people who don’t have anything that you do have and that includes a decent meal a day and shelter at least in the night.

A nice example is cited by Laurie here:
There are roughly 350 million Americans in the United States. Equal number of people in India out of 1 billion population, are very poor, living on the streets. When compared to them, if you live in America, have a job, a house, a car-you're wealthy!

Now, tell me, are you wealthy? If you say yes and don’t change your mind, you will become wealthier. This is the law of Universe.
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