Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chained elephant-proof of limited beliefs.

The picture below is the best example of our mindset and pre-conditioned beliefs that we cannot do something. We hold on to our beliefs too dearly and refusing to allow new beliefs to enter.

This self sabotage of our confidence stops us where we are.

How to come out of this limited mindset?
Sit down and write out all your present beliefs. Don't leave out anything however trivial it may seem to you.

After 24 hours, think again and rewrite what you have already written.

Now go through your list one by one. They will tell you clearly what you need to do.

Trust me; this worked for me.

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Shin said...

I've read this story before and it influenced me a lot. After that, I've read The Secret, which I find it useful. I've tried law of attraction at some point in my life and it actually works... which really surprised me.
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