Friday, July 17, 2009

How to manifest a miracle?

It is easy creating a miracle but there is one basic understanding to be aware of. Everything that happens in this world is a miracle only. Only we fail to recognize them and just label them as coincidences.

Other events or incidents that happen in our day to day life that we feel are not coincidences are taken for granted. But the law of universe says that such moments are also are created by our own thinking.

Every moment of every day, the Law of Attraction is at work in everyone’s lives.

If you can see the correlation between what you think, feel and believe... and what you get, it is called deliberate creation.

Deliberate creation is the deliberate use of your thoughts and feelings to manifest things that you want in the physical world.

The art of deliberate creation is a skill that can be acquired through practice and repetition, just like any other skill that you may have learned before.

There are some practical steps that we need to take in order to enhance the art of deliberate creation. "How to Manifest a Miracle", focuses closely on providing practical steps that you can take right away to start seeing more of what you want, and less of what you don't want.

How to... Manifest a Miracle
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1 comment:

jeff said...

Really like your site.
Have just started a blog to help people get out of their 9-5 rut.spent an hour on an article ,only to delete most of it.All that was left was"Success ...its all out there."
If thats not some greater power/law of attraction working i dont' know what is..