Thursday, May 07, 2009

Redefining energy reveals its link to healing the subconscious.

In discussing the subconscious, few ever ask what we mean when we use the word “energy,” or how energy is related to healing/programming the subconscious.

Science defines energy as “the ability to do work.” What we require, however, is an expanded definition that reaches beyond material existence.

Energy, ultimately, is the ability to love. The greater the level of energy, the greater the ability to love. The highest possible ability to love is also known as the divine or unconditional love, which is love that has no limits.

We need to know something else about energy/love, too. All energy, even in material form, vibrates. That which we call the divine is simply the highest, finest, lightest, fastest vibration possible. Unconditional, limitless love has the fastest possible vibration.

This new definition of energy links energy and love, and helps us better understand how both are involved in healing/reprogramming the subconscious, which is a non-material energy field.

What’s not so obvious is why the subconscious becomes stuck in all those negative emotions that do us so much harm. What causes anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, jealousy, and all the other pain and limitations in the subconscious?

The ultimate cause is judgment, which has no vibration whatsoever. Scientists refer to the state of no vibration as absolute zero, and report strange things happening as matter or energy particles approach this state.

A state of no vibration is the antithesis of the highest possible vibration/unconditional love/the divine. Lack of vibration also profoundly and negatively affects the subconscious, the unconscious, the conscious, and even the physical body.

Judgment, then, is the hidden factor that we address in order to reprogram or heal the subconscious as well as other parts of our whole being.

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Balu said...

Remaining still in the soul without any vibration is the great potential energy to understand the divine power

surjit said...

I fully agree with your insights:
Judgment causes anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, jealousy, and all the other pain and limitations in the subconscious..'
Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
God bless.