Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to solve your problems while sleeping?

It is no big secret that our brain works better when our mind is turned off. That is why meditation is suggested as we are trained to shut off our mind during meditation.

Nature is extremely kind to us. During our sleep, for a period of approximately two hours, our mind involuntarily is switched off and it goes out of our body to its source for recharging. It is a proven fact.

To utilize our mind’s full potential and to seek its assistance to get answers for our questions, do this very simple and doable exercise.

Shortly before bed time, spend a few minutes thinking about the question you want to answer or the problem you are trying to resolve.

Now go to sleep.

Still your mind is bothering you? Does it refuse your will to shut off?

Try meditating or listening to gentle music. Breathing deeply. Try to relax.

Ensure to keep a pad and pen near your bed because, your sought after answer will come to you during sleep-rather during your dream. You will be made to realize it by your inner spirit.

You may wake up with the answer in the middle of the night. Or, it may come to you as you awaken in the morning. Whenever it happens, write it down. It is very important. Don’t rely on your memory and convince yourself that you will record the answer when you wake up.

This works to me and so will to you too.

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