Friday, May 01, 2009

Are you paying it forward?

Every person that had shed his/her body, had left behind something good for the people of the earth. They need not have been Mother Theresa, Marconi, A.G. Bell.

They could have been your father, mother, son, neighbor, the stranger you have once met or never met-everyone of them came to this earth with a specific good purpose and they had definitely achieved that before leaving this earth with a good name or a bad name.

Good or bad name are all our own interpretation and that again the echo of of our so called beliefs and values. And we know that our beliefs and values have changed and will keep changing.

In recognition of what we have received from our forefathers and ancestors, in gratitude of the life we are leading today, we should pause for a moment and question ourselves:"What have I given?".

See, it need not be something that is reported in the newspapers, spoken about in the U.N. or recognized in your own country publicly. Our aim is not to get all those but just to do our bit.

It can be as small as planting a sapling on the roadside and nurturing it for sometime, an hour of free education to the needy, a small donation to your local temple or just answering patiently to a wrong caller on your telephone.

Remember, whatever you do, you are creating a chain. It will be carried on; the chain won't be broken.

"Of all those people who went before to prepare the way for us, most of those people will not ask us to pay them back. But what they do ask of us is to pay it forward that we make this world a better place for those who come after us in just the way that they made this a better place for us.”

Thank you Surjit for reminding me to do my part of paying it forward.

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surjit said...

Thanks Malathy for sharing my post with your well wishers through your blog. And by adding your words of wisdom you have made the post more meaningful.
Truly, you are an enlightened person.
God bless.