Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The best way to pray!

Don't ask for anything specific when you close your eyes in preparation of praying. Leave the decision of what to give to you, to God. He knows absolutely what is best for you.

Here are some points with which I validate:
* A man prays for Mercedes Benz. He prayed ardently. He behaved well in his life. He stayed a true Christian. But he never got his Mercedes Benz. He was disappointed with God.

Why he didn't get what he prayed for?
Because God knows that he can't possibly maintain a Mercedes Benz. God also knew that a big car is going to need a big place to park.

Would he have gotten any other car?
Probably yes. If he had just prayed for the best car, he would have gotten one which would have been more than he wanted; why, it might have been a costlier car than MB!

Here is another example; this is a real story.
I had invested some money in share market. I prayed God that I should earn a certain amount daily.

I ended up losing daily. I invested more to recover the incurred losses. (Sounds familiar?) This time, I prayed God that I should recover my earlier losses. I lost more now.

How I turned around my fortune?
Finally, I put in my last of savings. The trading started yielding small profits. I have recovered most of my losses and yet to recover them fully. But I am making a progress.

This time, I did not pray. I just left the job providing me sustenance to God. I didn't ask for anything specific.

What did I construe?
God knows how much amount is best for me to lead a comfortable life. He knows that there are things that I will buy if I had more money than I needed. And those things that I would have bought would have brought unpleasantness or more expenditure to me.

I hope I have driven my point to the best of my efficiency. Please read it again and I am sure you will realize what I am saying.

Follow this method. It works. Trust me. It is the Law of Universe.

After all, as a mother, would you give anything to eat or play with to your child? Mothers know what is best for their children.

And God know what is the best for his children.
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