Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Identify your personal angels.

We are born with our own guiding angels called spirit guides. Everybody without exception is accompanied in the earth by at least one angel but some have two or more.

They are available for help always 24/7. But they don't speak to us. They communicate with us by nudges that we must be attuned to recognize. These nudges also come in various forms such as hunches, signals and a few other indications that we have to develop.

We require proper guidance and training to fine tune our hunches and intuitions. Here is a guide that explains how to form a personal relationship with one's angel and make that angel a source of protection, comfort, wisdom, and guidance.

You are promised that you will learn the secrets of the spiritual world inhabited by Celtic angels and also be shown how to create an angel diary and begin the process of inviting an angel into one's life.

Get Spiritual Guidance from Your Personal Celtic Angel
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