Monday, February 02, 2009

Steps to activate the law of attraction.

Probably, one of the most ignored aspect of law of attraction is keeping the body as flexible as your mind. If your body is flexible, then, it means of it is free of rigidity which are always caused by stress.

The next step to increase the law of attraction is in finding why you are not attracting! Log down on a paper, your complete activities for 7 days like maintaining a diary. Then on the 8th day read what you have written. If there are some repetitive and habitual activities, change them. If you think what you are doing is right always, then why everything is not alright?

Before you go to sleep, if somethings weighs you down, put them on a paper. This is an excellent method of flushing out, an effective cleansing of stress causing congestion. When your mind is empty, the law of attraction is activated.

Don't focus on getting a particular outcome. The cosmic force would want to give you something better and you are simply blocking it because your focus is on something else, on a different outcome of your actions and thus you are not even aware that you are given something better.

If you pray, always end your prayer by saying, "this or something better". This will open your mind to receive what is given as an answer to your prayer.

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