Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tachyon healing energy from Japan.

Do you know how Steve Pavlina became very famous in the blogsphere? He knows exactly what people are looking for in the world. It is either wealth or health. Of course, sometimes both! And he has been giving that exactly.

Well, while he is an inspiration to me, my purpose of this blog is definitely not to become famous but to share my knowledge that God sees fit to give me.

I consider Abraham as my spiritual guide. In his latest update, he talked about this fantastic Tachyon energy.

In India, this energy though named differently (Chakra Energy) has been in existence over several millenniums.

Tachyon Energy directs the life energy (Chi) in a focused beam into any part of the body to remove blockages, relieve pain, balance an area and soothe the stress of an out of sync system or one that is low in energy.

I read a great deal about this today in the Internet and the information is astonishing. Dear, dear, let the whole world know about Tachyon Energy!

Resources for Tachyon Energy:

Here are some of the Tachyon Energy Products that we can use. They are our personal healers.

Individual Takionic Beads

Takionic 'Tesla' Coil (Bracelet)

Takionic Headband

Takionic Eyemask

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Buddha said...

That sounds miraculous but I would have to do more research on that before I pronounce myself a Takion fan.
Meanwhile I am sticking with my meditation.
Very nice blog, very professional.
you have to work to improve your readership.
Try some social networking with people like minded
the best way to find a friend is to be one:)
Good luck to you!

Malathy said...

Thank you Buddha for your appreciation and feedback.