Thursday, February 05, 2009

Never run out of time.

Our belief system plays havoc in our life. Remember, beliefs are created by us in response to our past experience.

If I say time is an illusion, there will be skepticism. So I will take another route. We all feel at some time or the other that we are short of time. We feel a pulsation at such times; we panic and do the unthinkable. We end up in regrets.

Here is viable solution that will lead to you think you have all the time in the world.

How about giving away your time to someone or even to yourself? Without thinking that you will be wasting precious time, invite someone to talk to or listen to. Or, better, if you just shut off your mind and just relax and listen to your heartbeat only.

Don't ridicule this idea till you try it out! We don’t give away our time only because we firmly believe there is no time to give. You believe in the lack of time but whereas time is only an illusion. We believe that if we give away time, then we will lose precious time. This belief should change to when you give something away you will get more to give away.

How about if you give time to others, you will get more time? And when you get more time, there is always enough for you and to others!

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