Monday, February 09, 2009

Let the money in.

Don't believe you have to work hard to have money in your wallet. Please, I implore you to change your belief for once and for all. Just try living with this new belief for only three days as a trial period and analyze the results.

Just let the money in. Even if you are struggling to make both end meet, you can attract the money. All you have to do is give the last of the dime (if that is all you have) away to another person like you.

I see a little smirk on your face. It is alright. I understand. But try it however. What happens when you are giving away the money?

You are making room for money to come in. You believed strongly that if you lose the last dime, you might go penniless and thus held on to it. You have caused a blockage of circulation of an energy. Of course money is also a form of energy.

Start the energy (money) circulation and you will see it flow back through you. Change the belief; if money goes out, money comes in.
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