Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to avoid frequent failuresof gadgets?

You might remember the constant complaints about myriad matters from some of your friends and relatives. The nature of their complaints relate to frequent breakdowns of household gadgets and vehicles, missing the flights, holdups in traffic, investments that turn into losses, not getting the recognition in their work and profession and many more.

This is so in spite of living in comfortable house, having two or more cars and all the modern comforts and a more than adequate bank and cash balance.

Still.. wonder why they are still experience all the miseries?

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrations and the frequency of them can create disturbances in not only ourselves but in everything that is made of the same materials. Everything, animate or inanimate-are composed of the same atoms that have universal characteristic and they behave in the same way when disturbed.

Got it?

So, what is the solution?
Examine those thoughts and emotions and feelings that are constantly in your mind and simply change them to the opposite.

How to recognize when they are changed?
Oh, it is very simple. When you have a thought, it should give relief from your previous disturbing feelings and emotions.

So, just reach for such thoughts that take you to higher vibrations which are joy and peace and gratitude.
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Sharon Wilson said...

Great insights thanks for sharing.