Saturday, February 28, 2009

Irrefutable truth.

Deny anything in the world! Debate God, rebuke beliefs, write theories for or against the existence of God. Ultimately, when you are about to retire (unfortunately an inordinate delay), you will realize some hard truths.

The irrefutable truths:
You will realize that criticizing others' belief is a folly.
You will realize and repent for the ill-treatment you have meted out to your parents and relatives.
Smoke, drinks, women/men don't give lasting pleasure to you. (won't you want such pleasures you derived from them want to last and last)
Money had not bought you anything worthwhile so far in your life.
Deep down, you are still seeking happiness that has been elusive so long in spite of your education and riches.

What am I driving at?

Even I don't know. I am just thinking aloud. I am not sure any more and I am also not bothered anymore.

Because living is a bliss right now. I have no fears! I have surrendered.

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1 comment:

Angelr said...

I think we all think this way sometimes and contemplate what it all really means in our own lives. Living the best we can be has to be the right way though and which brings us happiness and fulfillment.
Our dream in life has to be to be happy in ourselves and that we have always treated others well.