Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stop! Slow down to access faster vibration.

There is an awakening all over the world. People of all ages are seeking spiritual development. This quest is beyond relion and religious following. Cultural and social frontiers are ignored.

There is a sense of realization among many that money alone is the goal to be achieved; it is not the means of salvation.

I happen to attend a day long discourse on spirituality and meditation conducted by Swami Nithyananda Paramahamsa in Madras. There were as many as 800 people attended sincerely.

The sawmi's disciples made life look is easy and pleasant by their speech. They made everyone of us realize that we don't have to chase anything in life. Rushing is not THE WAY.

Life is fast. We have to race against time. Still, we vibrate at slow frequencies. In order to achieve faster vibration, we have to slow down. What a paradox!

Life is suddenly easy to me. Things are working out perfectly without the illusion of my efficiency.

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