Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How desires are born?

Desires are given to you by the Divine. They don't originate from your brain. Don't take credit for the desires and its manifestation.

How desires work?
In a very simple and most common example, I will explain this. Imagine a kid growing up in a house full of noise that is full of abuses and hatred exchanged between its parents. At the early stage, even though the child may not grasp the full implications of incompatibility between its parents, its subconscious mind soaks in all the information.

As the child grows up, it will start understanding. It gets disturbed. It desires peace and love in married life. There! A desire is born!

Your desires are in response to what you observe. The divine has exposed to you to conditions that you don't want to experience in your life and thereby giving rise to new desires.

Since the desires are given to you by the Divine, it sure has plans to make those desires a reality which thus far existed only on the mental plane.

So, when you have a desire, be absolutely sure that it will manifest. Just have patience and let go and let God!

Got the point?

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