Monday, December 15, 2008

What is Fertility Yoga?

A stray cat stopped my taxi abruptly on a rather deserted street yesterday. The weather out there was windy and pleasant.

I was returning with my husband after shopping in a taxi. The taxi driver somehow managed to stop the vehicle thus avoided hitting the cat. The car made some screeching sound due to sudden stop.

We stopped in front of an Infertility Clinic owned by a lady gynaecologist. In her consulting hours board, I saw the words, "Fertility Yoga'. I never heard about Fertility Yoga. I suppose it is meant for pregnant women or is it also meant for just married?

Have you ever come across Fertility Yoga and what it is meant to do to pregnant women? Will it mean upside down exercises?

I am going to search for more information about Fertility Yoga. I will write about my findings here only if I understand it.

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