Friday, December 12, 2008

Attract anything without doing anything.

Want one million dollars?
Want to buy the latest BMW?
Planning for the Christmas vacation in Hawaii?
Aiming to score university first?
Want to speak to God?
Would you like to see $25 daily through Google AdSense?
Want to learn SEO in three days?

Please add your others wants to the list. Don't spare anything. Paint a complete picture.


Now look at your list and read again slowly. What do you think your emotion will be when everything in your manifests?

Happiness! Yes, you will feel happy and you want to feel happy.

Be happy now! You need not follow any spiritual practice; not necessary to meditate. No need to undergo physical torture to please God.

None is hiding behind the clouds waiting to shower material to you upon praying. Yes, no one is up there.

You simply attract the right energy that makes up any material.


Just by being happy! The energy you send out when you are happy is the exact energy that can bring anything you desire.

This is the law of universe buddy. No exceptions!

There can be reasons for being sad and dejected. But you don't have to have any reason for being happy.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one.
I totally do agree with you.
LOA is the attraction of whatever you are giving your attention, energy and focus to at that time, whether wanted or unwanted.
This focuses your mind on your desires.
You can check out another good source: