Thursday, December 18, 2008

The vision board that just delivers without question.

Whether you are naturally creative or use a digital vision board, the result is the same which is both will deliver exactly as you have visioned. No questions asked by the universe. It is your faithful servant. It will deliver to you exactly what you have projected on it by your visualization.

Some are naturally creative. They possess the ability to visualize what they would like to see. For example, take the case of an architect. He first visualizes the building as he would see it erected. Then he goes about bringing the mental image on to his drawing board.

He then organizes the resources, work force and start building the structure that lays on the papers. Finally, it stands as he had originally imagined in his mind.

But most are not naturally creative. But they can appreciate creativity. They can see the beauty of a building, a car, a yacht, a web site. These images they have liked and appreciated will get lodged in some corners of their memory.

When they use a digital vision board such as the one developed by Orange Peel, they might recognize some of the pictures and would like to see it again and again. They can order their digital vision board to do that for them.

Then, one fine day, they will see what they repeatedly saw in their real life. It is that simple.

So, what actually you did to manifest your desire? You only saw them in digital version several times ie: you did what you liked and in the process manifested what you would like to have, do or be!

How wonderfully blessed you are!

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today!

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Nancy Wylde said...

Thanks for this blog on visualisation. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity of a thing called a vision board as we do today. I have written about visualisation in my latest work and it has been a proven and effective method to getting what you want as oppossed to struggling. I have just attracted a sports car not because I wanted it, but because I put it in my vision book. I thought my husband would like it. And of course he does!

Nancy Wylde

Malathy said...

Thank you Nancy for your valuable feedback on vision board.