Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The easiest way to have permanent peace.

Inspired by Bhagvat Gita and a discourse on it by Sri.Velukudi Krishnan today in the television today, I am writing this blog post which will show you a surefire way to live in infinite peace.

To attain this invaluable peace of living, you need not:
Do penance on a hill;
Pray several times a day;
Indulge in charity;
Undergo self torturing methods to please God or seek forgiveness;
Recite slogans, chant mantras;
Read religious books;
Do religious rituals.

But do this only: Whatever you do in your life daily, just offer the result to God or Source. Don't have an ulterior motive for any of your actions except doing it just for the sake of doing, so you derive satisfaction.

What happens when you leave the befits of your actions to the God or Source?
You need not have to tell lie so you stand to gain;
You need not put on a face that is not you to impress others;
You need not bend anything to win;
You need not have to compete and thus live a stress free day;
You need not use devious ways to gain or save a few bucks.

When you are free of all these, naturally, a calmness set in! You are blisfully not bothered about any results that may arise out of your actions.

This is the highest vibaration of your self. At this state of mind, you release all your resistance (negative emotions and thought). And when resistance is removed, everything you desire, everything you ever wanted will easily start flowing towards you freely.
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