Friday, December 26, 2008

Right Now we have the greatest opportunity.

Yes, right Now we have the greatest opportunity. It is the most simplest logic to decide now.

"You create your next moments out of this moment". This is the most inspiring and thought provoking sentence in my life. Read it again and let it sink into your mind. You can do better. Write it out in bold and place it in several places in your house.

For tomorrow's tree, you plant the seed today.

Why wait for New Year to take resolutions? If you act today, you will add 7 more days to the year 2009. After all, when you want to be a different person for 365 days in the 2009, won't you want to carry yourself like that for ever? So, why don't you resolve today itself and add 7 more days?

Am I making the point clear?

For me, every day is the start of another year; I hope for the best at the start of every day. A special New Year means nothing to me.

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