Friday, December 26, 2008

A refreshing experience listening to audio books.

My relative’s daughter is just 7 years old. Her visit to my house yesterday was absolutely refreshing. Watching her pranks was so fun and rejuvenating. And she is a kind of prodigy. Her intelligence is beyond words to explain.

She asked me if I had ever listened to an audio book. I said no. Then she opened an audio book from a CD, made me wear the head phone and immediately my ears were filled with a soothing voice that must belong to a professional actor only.

There were music and special effects that were essential to the story. I was told that in some audio books, there were many characters played by different people with lovely voice.

I asked the child where she purchased the audio books. She instructed me to go to and insisted that I do it in front of her so that she can show her favorite audio books to me.

It is no wonder she has improved her pronunciation and vocabulary. Now I have an idea! Why don’t I create my audio book of math tutorials?

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