Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 7 A's of Attraction.

I am secretly happy that I am ending the 2008 with a blog post about Laurie Brenner, the lady who has been consistently affecting my life for better. I feel ashamed that I am poor to express the level of impact she makes on me. Next to Dr.Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale and Echart Tolle, she is the one I respect the most; she is also the one I want to see along with the other three masters.

About a month ago, she gifted me her e-book titled, "The seven A's of attraction".
The seven A's:

Ally, Apprise, Amend, Allow, Ask, Appreciate, Action

I liked her way of approaching modern religion and I was surprised to find that someone, somewhere in the world agrees with exactly the same of values of mine. I remember these words that I read in a book: "Don't be like a Christian, be like a Christ!"

We both have a liking for quantum physics. I strongly believe that those who know quantum physics may tend to look at religion the other way.

But I don't say all the religious rituals are purposeless. They slowly draw a person towards his source; it inculcates the belief in high power. Ultimately, that alone will make him surrender. This has happened to me. I am a live example.

I would like to quote so many sentences from 'The seven A's of attraction" but I will do only one now.

"Everyone is allowed to be who they are. There is no law that says you have to like everyone as long as you allow them to be as they are. Allowing them is loving them, but it doesn't mean they have to be right inside your bubble. "

There is much more, dear, so much more in that wonderful book and in everything that Laurie says. She is just a pure soul. She is clearly on her way to enlightenment.

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Laurie Brenner said...

My dear friend, thank you for all your kind words, but I'm really just a person who like everyone else must make my way in this world.

But what a wonderful world it is that there are so many aspects of the Divine in our lives - each person you meet is truly an aspect of the Divine. Most just don't know it.

What a wonderful world it will be when we truly just Let It Be. So for 2009, Let It Be. Don't push, don't fight, just Let It Be. Embrace your divinity in your humanity - how much fun is that?

The power that creates worlds flows through YOU right now! Open up yourself to it and your life can be different. Be thankful for breathing in and out, it indeed is a gift.

May you and yours and all that you touch be prosperous and happy in the new year WOO HOO 2009 will be better yet!

And take some time to LAUGH!


Malathy said...

Dear Laurie,
Thanks for your wishes and wise words. "Don't push, let it be"-just fantastic!
Wishes Laurie for every new moment.