Monday, November 10, 2008

17 second thoughts.

Every thought entertained by our conscious mind and accepted as true is sent by our brain to our solar plexus (also called abdominal brain which causes the feeling of chillness on hearing bad news), the brain of our subconscious mind, to be made into our flesh and to be brought forth in our world as a reality.

The above passage is from "The power of subconscious mind" by Joseph Murphy.

In layman terms, if you examine the events, experiences in your life, you will surely find a related thought that was entertained by you sometime in your past. What I mean by 'entertained' is you munched over a specific thought repeatedly whether it is a positive or negative thought.

A thought seeks it physical expression when it is given life for a minimum of 17 seconds. So, there is ample time for all of us to stop ourselves in the middle of thinking a negative/destructive thought and immediately replace it with a positive thought.

Someone asked me how to find out whether we are thinking positively or negatively. The answer is simple; very simple really. If you feel happy while thinking, then you are on a positive note. But negative thoughts, though might give satisfaction when we are in a sullen or sadistic mood, the after effects will leave a residue of unpleasantness in our heart.

This is a very clear indication of our nature of emotions.
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