Thursday, November 13, 2008

What causes stress?

Today is Thursday, a hectic day for me. I will have to handle my classes till 8 PM. Also I was expecting the service engineer to repair the washing machine. I wanted him to come before 4.30 PM before the power goes off.

This caused stress in me.

On every 29th I have to pay my credit card dues. Usually, I will get the cheques from two of my students on 23rd itself with which I will manage my credit card payment. But twice in the past, the cheques came only on 27th. I had tough time paying my credit card on due date. So, I start feeling the stress by 22nd itself.

As you notice, both the causes of stress are my belief that the service engineer may not arrive in time and the cheques may be delayed.

So, it is clear that belief causes stress, not your business or life situations. If I believe that the cheques will arrive in time and the service engineer will also come before the power goes off, I will not have any stress at all.

Please read this again and it reveal several of your beliefs that were the causes for your stress.
"Belief causes stress, not your business or life situations." -Joe Vitale
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