Saturday, September 06, 2008

Give them reasons to exist.

Blowdown Lake, Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Herita...Image via Wikipedia Every human being takes a different path led by own their perspectives, wisdom and choices. The only drawback is we all expect certain things in our life path based on our wishes. There is nothing wrong in expectations.

But, when we don't find greens, water bodies and beautiful birds in our path but encounter thorny bushes, rocks and stones, bleak terrains, we naturally don't like them. We resist the experience and when we do that, we feel biological and psychological pain.

The more we resist, the more we prolong the pain.

We fail to assimilate the basic facts of life. The duality of the planet earth will present us with peaks and valleys, flowers and thorns, lakes and parched plains. We simply have to accept them as they are.

I know it is easier like that than done. But we must learn to accept the life as it is given to us. No one reaches the desired destination without some form of adversity.

Living the life involves exactly as it says-Live by letting everything and everyone else to be. Give them reasons to exist.

Isn't biology still a miracle?
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