Thursday, September 04, 2008

Get answers to your life's questions.

Just after we cross 40, we generally try to go in and lean towards spiritualism. It is at that time we try to get answers to our life mysteries.

I am no exception and I get answers through the books I read and I feel guided towards the books that I must read which will quench my knowledge thirst.

There are several ways like mediums, dreams, clear inner voices through which one get answers provided they ask.

Emalani is a psychic-medium visionary and instructor of psychic development who says anyone (psychic or not) can receive answers to life's questions, just by being quiet and spending time in the great outdoors.

She has been a professional medium for 15 years and shares ideas and secrets for how to tap into your own 'higher self' (or intuitive side). Emalani is currently working on a murder investigation, writing a book on “Releasing the Weight”, teaching psychic development classes as well as giving professional readings.

I came to know about her through the Titus Concept newsletter. No link to her was given.

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