Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How guilts are released?

Both the forms of guilt-unconscious and conscious are frequently released but for that you must be ready.

Yes, we know what is conscious guilt-the ones we remember. We regret for our actions in the past, carry it with us to our grave as conscious guilt. If those guilts are not released before we die, that becomes unconscious guilt and remain so in our next incarnation.

If they are not released from the mind, the soul reincarnates to release the guilt.

Now, what is meant by releasing the guilt?
Releasing it to the source will absolve the soul.

How this is done?

Mostly in our dreams, they are released. Such dreams will be vivid with images and we are likely to remember the dream even after several days it happened. It may be horrible but we won't be afraid. Rather, a sense of guiltless feeling will be clearly sensed.

Ok, when these dreams will occur? Of course during sleep, but I don't mean it that way.
When we are told to forgive self and forgive others. This has great, profound meaning folks. If practiced to the fullest core like God, we are certain see a different world, the world of utopia is easily possible if every human being starts forgiving self and others.

I am not repeating what I have read simply for the sake of preaching; I am practicing what I read and seeing the results almost immediately. So, here I am sharing with you what I read and how it affected me positively.

ps: As wrote this article, Zamanta suggested me to read this blog post about the meaning of 7 repeated dreams. This can probably throw some light for your unasked question.

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