Sunday, July 20, 2008

Distracted on how to get money?

Based on one the finest blog articles I write this. Today started on a fine feeling after I read a blog post titled, "Manifesting Money"? by Elio Galluzzi.

He is the first person that I going to write in my life who has two zz in his name. (smile)

Well, the world is slowly waking with the New Thought and its first by product is the Law of Attraction. There are several books, e-books, articles, debates, forums on this Law of attraction and it is all about manifesting our desires just by using our thoughts; yes only thoughts and money is not required to manifest your desires.

I have been in contact with a lot of people who uses this law or trying to use this law to attract money. Elio has touched on this subject of futility of trying to attract money in the best way possible. In fact I also wrote a blog post on the same subject titled, "Don't ask for money". But Elio's article is definitely better written and the point driven hard and strong.

I quote a part of it here:
"If the actual form of exchange is money, all right, let it be, but we don’t have to be concerned or think too much about it, because they are thoughts of lack.

Don’t be distracted on how to get money to do something, let’s start doing it, there is always a possibility, an hidden route full of potential will disclose to our awareness."


Thank you Elio.

Read "Manifesting Money"? by Elio Galluzzi.
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