Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't ask for money.

Sometimes if we care to analyze our wants and desires, we may find it to our surprise that what we really wanted was just a feeling than a product.

I request you to read it again and think back. It may reveal a fact or two. Or, remember this and examine your live events and your feelings after a month or two.

I will lead you from here. Why I have written that 'Don't ask for money"? What you want money for? To buy a gadget for your kitchen, a new car, a travel package to Hawaii or India (Smile) or pay your payday loan dues-right.

Suppose you have money and achieve any or all of the above, what will be your feeling- happiness, a sense of completion, peace of mind or joy that you have fulfilled a family duty?

So, your ultimate want is good feelings. So, why don't you ask that straight away instead of money? Even without money, your own money I mean, someone may give you a pair of flight tickets to Hawaii.

What I am driving at is this: When you ask for money through your prayers, you are mostly like to imagine the ways you get it. There, you have put limitations to the Universe whereas it is limitless.

Just state your desires of good feeling like peace, contentment, happiness and let the Universe arrange the details as to how you will get it.

Another thing when you ask for money, say $1 million, the moment you get it and exhaust it to meet your wants, you will want more money to buy more things. The demands will go on and on.

Do you get my point?

What do you want really? The feeling you get out of financial security, the happy feeling of driving your own new car etc. Just ask for those kinds of feelings and let go. You are sure to get it; no exceptions.

Inspired by the books I read. My gratitude is to Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Murphy, Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Mother….

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That is a point well made. Thank you for the post and for food for thought for us all.


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